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Shadow QC | Quality Compliance Protects Your Brand

Your brand is your major business asset. It's what your customers recognise and why they do business with you. A winning formula, replicated perfectly at all your locations, means that customers know when they visit your business they will have the experience they want - every time, every location.

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Shadow QC | Consistent Customer Experience

Your brand creates your customers' expectations. If your products and service vary and your customers experience is different, it's not a strong, identifiable brand. If you have a winning formula you need it to always be that way. You don't want your brand to lose the very things that define it and have made it a success.

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Shadow QC | Quality Compliance Programs Made Easy

Shadow QC, a cloud computing solution, lets you create web-based quality compliance programs quickly and easily. If your current system relies on spreadsheets or paper then it's time to move forward.

You don't need specialist IT knowledge. Shadow QC is easy to use, and you can quickly create an easy to manage web-based Compliance Program.

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What Can You Do With Shadow QC ?
  • Create Checklists and Questionnaires

  • Assign and manage your staff

  • Collect results online

  • Create graphs and trends

  • Access on 'Need To Know' basis

Easy Reports and Graphs With Shadow QC
  • Design results and reports

  • Graph and trend analysis

  • Instant access to results

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